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Frequently Asked Questions

Who preaches the messages?

Each sermon is preached by Tony Capoccia.  Tony became a Christian in 1978 at the age of 34, and graduated from seminary in 1983 with a Master of Divinity in Bible Exposition.  Tony began two online ministries: Bible Bulletin Board in 1986, and Gospel GEMs in 1997.  Each message is delivered in a normal preaching style, rather than just being read.

Why do you "lightly" update the messages?

We are aware that for centuries, these sermons have been consistently recognized, and their usefulness and impact have continued to the present day, even in the outdated English of the author's own day. So you ask a valid question, "Why then should expositions already so successful and of such stature and proven usefulness require adaptation, revision, rewrite or even editing?"

The answer is obvious. To increase the sermon's usefulness to today's listener, the language in which it was originally written needs updating. Though the sermons have served other generations well, just as they came from the pen of the author in their century, they still could be lost to present and future generations, simply because, to them, the language is neither readily nor fully understandable. Our goal, however, has not been to reduce the original writing to the vernacular of our day. It is designed primarily for those who desire to listen, read and study comfortably and at ease in the language of our time. Only obviously archaic terminology and passages obscured by expressions not totally familiar in our day have been revised. However, neither the author's meaning nor intent have been tampered with.

Will the CDs play on any CD Player?

Yes, the CDs have been tested on a variety of CD players, to include, CD Players in cars, portable CD players, and computer CD-ROMs.

What if a CD refuses to play or often skips.  What could cause this?

In almost all cases it is a faulty CD player in which the laser eye is either dirty or the drive itself is failing.  If this ever happens then try playing the CD in another CD player.  If it works in the other device then you can be certain that the original CD player needs repairs, cleaning, or replaced.  Bear in mind that the more the CD Player is used (reads data), the faster the optical head ages. As the laser head ages or gets dirty from dust, it will be more difficult for the CD player (reader) to read data from the CD.

One common problem found on desktop PCs is that the same CD could be read on one computer but not on other. That is probably caused by the aging laser head that fail to read data. Although a CD-ROM player/reader is very inexpensive now but changing one can be a daunting job for non-technical personnel.

If the CD does not play properly in more than one CD player then you may have a faulty CD, which is very rare, but does happen.  If you have determined that it is a faulty CD, then please advise us of the CD Title and GEM number and we will gladly send a replacement out to you at no charge--you do not have to send the faulty CD back.  I can honestly say that in the last seven years of sending out thousands of CDs we have only had to replace a couple CDs.

Another important factor to consider is that our CDs are divided into tracks--a new track every 2 minutes. There are no breaks between tracks so it seems seamless to the listener.  We did this so it would be easier to go back and review a statement/point just made. Now, this works great, unless a person has selected "random tracks" on their CD player which will seem like it is skipping (every 2 minutes)--it would not necessarily go to the next track in sequence, but rather "skip" to the wrong track.  Just ensure that "random play" or "random tracks" is not selected.

What kind of guarantee comes with the CDs and MP3s?

If at any time and for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality or performance of any CD or MP3 you receive from Gospel GEMs, then simply return it for prompt replacement or refund. We appreciate your order, and we won't be satisfied until you are.

Do your CDs have audio tracks so I can review points in the sermons and also easily find my place again if I don't have time to listen to the whole sermon?

Yes, we have audio tracks every 2 minutes.  There is no delay between the tracks, so the sermon is not interrupted, but you can select different parts of the sermon at 2 minute intervals.

Can I request a faster shipping time than First Class or Media Mail?

Yes.  Normal shipping will be First Class or Media Mail (depending on weight). Faster Shipping is available via Priority Mail, FedEx or UPS...simply request it when you place your order (in the "Comments section"). The additional shipping costs will be added to your invoice.

How fast can I expect my order to ship?

Our goal is to ship all orders out within 24 hours.  We use the US Mail service, thus we ship Monday thru Saturday, except on holidays. There are a few times each year when we may have a slight delay in shipment due to staff limitations.  In those cases where it will be more than a couple of days, then we always include a free sermon for your patience.  

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