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Christian Zeal--J. C. Ryle (CD) - 74:42 min

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"It is fine to be zealous, provided the purpose is good." (Galatians 4:18)

Zeal is a subject, like many others in religion, which is sadly misunderstood. Many would be ashamed to be thought zealous Christians. Many are ready to say of zealous people what Festus said of Paul: "You are out of your mind, Paul!" he shouted, "Your great learning is driving you insane" (Acts 26:24).

But zeal is a subject, which no reader of the Bible has any right to pass over. If we make the Bible our rule of faith and practice, we cannot turn away from the subject of zeal. We must look it directly in the face.

My object in this message is to plead the cause of zeal in religion. I believe we ought not to be afraid of it, but rather to love and admire it. I believe it to be a mighty blessing to the world and the origin of countless benefits to mankind. I want to remind Christians that "Zealot" was a name given to one of the Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to persuade them to be zealous men and women.

I ask every one of you to give me your attention while I tell you something about zeal. Listen to me for your own sake-for the sake of the world--for the sake of the Church of our Christ. Listen to me and by God's help I will show you that to be "zealous" is to be wise.

III. Thirdly, the text shows us "a point about which we ought to be especially on our guard." That point is being led astray "from sincere and pure devotion to Christ."

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