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Make Them Come In!--Charles H. Spurgeon (MP3 Download) - 49:53 min

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"Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, so that my house will be full." [Luke 14:23]

I feel in such a hurry to go out and obey this commandment this morning, by urging those who are unsaved to come in to the Gospel feast, those who are now lost in their sins, and I cannot wait for an introduction, but must quickly go about my business.

Listen to me, you that are strangers to the truth about Jesus—listen to the message that I have to bring to you. You have fallen, fallen in yourselves, by your daily sins and your constant rejection of the gospel; you have provoked the anger of the Most High God; and as surely as you have sinned, so certainly must God punish you if you continue in your sins, for the Lord is a God of justice, and will not in any way spare the guilty. But have you not heard, has it not been often spoken to you, that God, in his infinite mercy, has devised a way whereby, without any violation of his honor, he can have mercy on you—you, the guilty and the undeserving ones?

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