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Forever with the Lord--Charles H. Spurgeon (CD) - 54:01 min

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"So we will be with the Lord forever.Ē [1 Thessalonians 4:17]

"The very words of our text, it appears, were dictated by the Holy Spirit the Comforter, to be repeated by the saints to each other with the view of removing sorrow from the minds of the distressed. The comfort is intended to give us hope in reference to those who have fallen asleep [died as true Christians]. Look over the list of those, beloved in the Lord, who have departed from you, to your utmost grief, and let the words of our text be a handkerchief for your tears. Donít grieve as those that are without hope, for your loved ones that died as true Christians are with the Lord though they are not with you, and in the future you will surely meet them again where your Lord is the center of fellowship forever and ever. The separation will be temporary; the reunion will be eternal.

These words are also intended to comfort the saints with regard to themselves, and I pray that they may be a remedy to any who are sick with fear, a matchless medicine to heal the heartache of all believers. The fact that your soul lives within a dying body is very evident to some of you by your frequent and increasing sicknesses and pains, and this, it may be, is a source of depression of spirits. You know that in a few years you will be gone to a place from which you will not return; but donít be dismayed, for you will not go into a strange country all alone."--C. H. Spurgeon
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